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  • Best In Show in 2012 was the Toy Poodle, Ch Vantonia You'll See, owned by Lee Cox & Tom Isherwood

  • Best In Show in 2012 was the Toy Poodle, Ch Vantonia You'll See, owned by Lee Cox & Tom Isherwood

  • Gundog Group 1: Irish Water Spaniel, SH CH/AM CH WHISTLESTOP'S ELEMENTS OF MAGIC, owned by Mrs J Carruthers & Mrs C McDaniel

  • Gundog Group 2: English Springer Spaniel, SH CH TRIMERE TALKING POINT OF ALLENIE JW, owned by Mr A C Allen & Mr P R Bott

  • Gundog Group 3: Hungarian Vizsla, BITCON WIZARD OF OZ, owned by Mrs N Cragg & Mrs K Armstrong

  • Gundog Group 4: Cocker Spaniel, SH CH DILLONPARK PELLEGRINO JW, owned by Mr M Parkinson & Mr B Dillon

  • Hound Group 1: Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, CH SOLETRADER PEEK A BOO, owned by Mrs S Robertson & Mrs W Doherty - went on to later be awarded RBIS

  • Hound Group 2: Irish Wolfhound , CH BROUGHADOWEY TIR EOGHAIN JUN CH, owned by Mr W & Mrs J Mullen

  • Hound Group 3: Min Long Haired Dachshund, CH/IR CH WALPINES BRANDY BUTTER, owned by Mr G McAlpine & Mr D Walsh

  • Hound Group 4: Basset Hound, CH DEREHEATH GROOVY MOVIE AT ROAMANBAY, owned by Mr Archer

  • Pastoral Group 1: Old English Sheepdog, CH/IR CH OAKFARM GYPSY ROSE AT CLENMAEN, owned by Mr B & Mrs C Ford

  • Pastoral Group 2: Shetland Sheepdog, CH RANNERDALE BUGSY MALONE, owned by Mrs A A Stafford

  • Pastoral Group 3: Australian Shepherd, CH ALLMARK FIFTH AVENUE JW, owned by N Allen & R Harlow

  • Pastoral Group 4: Border Collie, WIZINBY I SAID I AM FOR KINAWAY JW, owned by Mr D & Mrs K A Kinton & Miss J Large

  • Pastoral Puppy Group 1: Samoyed, NIKARA DIAMOND TIARA FOR LIREVA, owned by D M Cawthera

  • Terrier Group 1: Irish Terrier, CH FLEET ST FIRE AND ICE, owned by Mr A & Mrs J Barker & Mr J Averis

  • Terrier Group 2: Scottish Terrier, CH STUANE FLORETTE, owned by Mr S Plane

  • Terrier Group 3: Lakeland Terrier, CH KEBULAK MAN AFTER MIDNIGHT, owned by Mr F W Schoneberg

  • Terrier Group 4: Smooth Fox Terrier, CH GLENDRATERRA FREDI MERCURY, owned by Mrs J Thornton, Mr J R Bebbington, Mr & Mrs C Boon

  • Terrier Puppy Group 1: Kerry Blue Terrier , HALLSBLU FIBBER MAGEE, owned by Mr J Weatherhead

  • Toy Group 1: Maltese, CH BENATONE GOLD BOOTS, owned by Miss S & Mrs R Jackson

  • Toy Group 2: Italian Greyhound, CH FLORITA TIPITINA, owned by Miss H M Lister

  • Toy Group 3: Bichon Frise, ASHMAIR BRING IT ON MAMOSE, owned by Mrs M Moss

  • Toy Group 4: Pug, DELWIN MY NAME IS LOLA AFTERGLOW, owned by Gadsby, Lynn & Nixon

  • Toy Puppy Group 1: Papillon, ETERNAL SPIRIT FOREVER RAYOL, owned by Mrs E Roberts & Miss C Smith

  • Utility Group 1: Toy Poodle, CH VANITONIA YOU'LL SEE, owned by Lee Cox & Tom Isherwood - went on to be awarded BIS

  • Utility Group 2: Dalmatian, CH DVOJICA VOODOO JW, owned by Mr M Dunnschie

  • Utility Group 3: Japanese Shiba Inu, CH VORMUND JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, owned by Miss C Roskell & Miss M Dunhill-Hall

  • Utility Group 4: Akita, CH REDWITCH BACK FOR GOOD, owned by Mr D & Mrs J Killilea & Mrs A Clure

  • Utility Puppy Group 1: German Spitz (Klein), CRYSTALCLEAR POLARSUNRISE, owned by Mrs D Mooney

  • Working Group 1: Bouvier des Flandres, CH I'M SPECIAL INESSENCE MOVADO AT KANIXE, owned by Mrs F Lambert, P Murray & J Hughes

  • Working Group 2: Dobermann, CH GAINDYKE EUREKA, owned by Mr R Downie & Mrs L Glass

  • Working Group 3: Siberian Husky, IR/INT CH LEORIENT ARTIC BLUE LADY, owned by Mr J Duggan

  • Working Group 4: St Bernard, IR CH IL DIVO ROLY BY LONGSDYLE, owned by Mr A & Mrs A Long-Doyle

  • Working Puppy Group 1: Russian Black Terrier, ROHANTIA MIROSLAV, owned by Mr C & Mrs W Johnston

  • Champion Stakes overall winner

  • Veteran Stakes Winner

  • Dog World / Pro Plan Puppy Stakes Winner

  • Dog World / Pro Plan Puppy Stakes Winner

  • Dog World / Pro Plan Puppy Stakes Reserve

  • Junior Stakes winner and reserve

  • YKC Handling day 1 winners in the 6-11, 17-24 & 12-16 age groups

  • YKC Handling day 1 winner in the 6-11 age group

  • YKC Handling day 2 winners in the 17-24, 12-16 & 6-11 age groups

  • YKC Handling day 2 winner in the 12-16 age group

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