23 - 24 September
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  • Best in Show in 2006 was the Hungarian Visla, SH CH/AUST CH HUNGARGUNN BEAR IT'N MIND, owned by Ms N Cragg & Ms K Armstrong
    Reserve BIS was the Akita, CH REDWITCH LAPDANCER, owned by Mr & Mrs D Killilea & Mrs A Clure

  • Best Puppy in Show was the Akita, GEILSAVEN SOMETHIN ELSE AT BUTTERMILL, owned by Mr P Butterfield

  • Gundog Group 1 & BIS: Hungarian Visla, SH CH/AUST CH HUNGARGUNN BEAR IT'N MIND, owned by Ms N Cragg & Ms K Armstrong

  • Gundog Group 2: Weimaraner, SH CH GUNALT INTUITION, owned by Mr & Mrs S A Hollings

  • Gundog Group 3: Labrador Retriever, SH CH WILSBURY WILD FIRE AT HALSHIMOOR, owned by Mrs J, Mr J & Mr M Rawlinson

  • Gundog Group 4: Clumber Spaniel, SH CH ANTONINE POLAR EXPRESS, owned by Mr R Dunne

  • Gundog Puppy Group 1: Cocker Spaniel, SHANAZ STRAMASH, owned by Mrs W Reid

  • Hound Group 1: Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, CH SOLETRADER MY APHRODISIAC, owned by Mrs S Reberton

  • Hound Group 2: Basset Hound, CH MAY DAY DOS SETE MOINHOS WITH CLAVIDAR, owned by Mr D R & Mrs CL Darley

  • Hound Group 3: Miniature Long Heared Dachshund, CH MINARD KRYSTAL DARQUE, owned by T, S & J S Goddard

  • Hound Group 4: Elkhound, IR CH BARLESTONE VIKING, owned by Ms T McKittrick

  • Hound Puppy Group 1: Basset Hound, MALRICH ST KITTS, owned by Mr D & Mrs D Ellrich

  • Pastoral Group 1: Australian Shepherd, AM CH HEATHERHILL SHOCK N AWE, owned by the Richards, Holligan and Harlow partnership.

  • Pastoral Group 2: Norwegian Buhund, CH OLPENDEN MALACHY AT PARVODENE JW ShCM, Mrs C M Vines

  • Pastoral Group 3: BSD Tervueren, IR CH REVLOCH READY TEDDY GO TO WHITANDON, owned by Mr E & Mrs A White

  • Pastoral Group 4: Shetland Sheepdog, SANSCOTT JULIET FOR PETANVALE JW,owned by Mr P & Mrs A Healey

  • Pastoral Puppy Group 1: Pyrenean Mountain Dog, SHANLIMORE MAVERICK, owned by Mr H Tonks

  • Terrier Group 1: Scottish Terrier, CH STUANE LOCH GUARD, owned by Mr S Plane

  • Terrier Group 2: West Highland White Terrier, HAVASU HOIPOLOI, owned by Mr K & Mrs P E Crockett

  • Terrier Group 3: Bedlington Terrier, CH HONEYMIST TIME WILL TELL, owned by Mrs S Davies

  • Terrier Group 4: Wire Fox Terrier, BLACKDALE ADMIRAL, owned by Mr H O'Donoghue

  • Terrier Puppy Group 1: Norwich Terrier, RAGUS ONE STEP AHEAD AT MINDLEN, owned by Ms L Roberts & Ms A Murray

  • Toy Group 1: Griffon Bruxellois, CH DONZEATA ROYAL TAPESTRY, owned by Mr D Guy

  • Toy Group 2: Pug, CH HABIBA ALL FIRED UP, owned by Mr S Payne & Mr R Dunlop

  • Toy Group 3: Bichon Frise, MAHENDI KISS FROM RIO TO RUSMAR, owned by Mrs D Russell

  • Toy Group 4: Papillon, CH BODEBI RAY OF SUCCESS AT LAFFORD, owned by Mrs C P Lees

  • Toy Puppy Group 1: Pomeranian, LIREVA'S SUNFLASH, owned by D M Cawthera

  • Utility Group 1 & RBIS: Akita, CH REDWITCH LAPDANCER, owned by Mr & Mrs D Killilea & Mrs A Clure

  • Utility Group 2: Dalmatian, CH/IR CH TOLLWOOD LIONEL AT KILNDANDY JW, owned by Mr J C & Mrs K E McCarthy

  • Utility Group 3: Shih Tzu, CEDARHYTHE CLASSIC DESIGN JW ShCM, owned by Mrs T & Mr M Hitt

  • Utility Group 4: Chow Chow, INT/IR CH LECHAN JARVIS, owned by Mr & Mrs Davison

  • Working Group 1: Boxer, CH WINUWUK LUST AT FIRST SIGHT, owned by Ward-Davies, Brown & Hutchings

  • Working Group 2: Bernese Mountain Dog, CH/INT/IR BERNEMCOURT ENCHANTMENT, Mr P & Mrs J Embleton

  • Working Group 3: Newfoundland, CH/INT CH MERRYBEAR ENRIQUE, Mr & Mrs S McConnell

  • Working Group 4: St Bernard, CHANDLIMORE KING OF ROCK, owned by Mr K Cunningham

  • Working Puppy Group 1: Siberian Husky, DREAMCATCHER LION HEART, owned by Mr N & Mrs A Spicer

  • Champion Stakes Winner

  • Puppy Stakes Winner

  • Junior Stakes Winner: Tibetan Terrier, CH ARAKI TINCKLE WINCKLE, owned by Melanie Spavin

  • Veteran Stakes Winner

  • Dominic Brunt aka ‘Paddy the Vet’ from the popular ITV soap, Emmerdale, spent the day at Belfast Championship Show as a guest of the committee and is pictured here with Ian Wilson( Belfast President), Des Manton ( Dog World), Dominic Brunt (‘Paddy the Emmerdale Vet’), David Lindsay-McQuillan (Show Manager) and Jackie Stubbs (Secretary).

2006 Belfast Championship Show
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